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Congratulations on your decision to follow Jesus!

You have just made the best decision of your life! As a new believer, you can expect to have new attitudes and desires. You may need to replace some old habits and patterns with new activities that will help you to grow your new life in Christ. Growth takes time, but it begins—right now—where you are.

First Steps for New Believers:

Start Reading the Bible

One of the most important things you can do as a new believer is to read the Bible.  The Bible is the Word of God. It is how He speaks to us.  It is how we get to know who He is and what He is like. The Bible is where we find instructions for life. As you read and obey it, you will begin to see positive life change. 



Find a Church Home

It is within the fellowship of believers that we grow stronger in our faith. We are challenged and encouraged as we gather with others who are seeking and following after God.  The church is also where we receive training, instruction and the opportunity to serve and become all that God wants us to be.



Tell Others

God wants us to tell others about the good things He has done for us. It's not necessary to become a Bible expert before sharing your faith. Simply telling what God has done for you can make an eternal impact in the lives of others. Telling others about your faith also helps to strengthen your faith.



Pray Daily

Talk to God everyday. Set time each day to acknowledge his presence in your life. Seek His wisdom and guidance each morning. Thank Him for the all of the good things in your life. Remember you are no longer walking through life alone. Jesus is with you. Your prayer life will grow as you grow and as you continue to read and apply the Bible to your daily life.



Start Living For God

A changed heart leads to a changed life.  As a new believer, you should seek to live a life that is pleasing to God.  This will come as you read the Bible and obey it.  Your thoughts and actions are filtered through the Word of God and as you continue to grow in your faith, your life begins to reflect Jesus Christ.



Don't Get Discouraged

Following Jesus is not always easy. There may be times when you feel pressure to give up or back down. When you became a child of God, you also became an enemy of the devil. You may face temptation tests and trials, but remember, God is with you. He will give you the strength that you need to face everything that comes against you.

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